This was a post created for Facebook for the Super Bowl. I wanted that Super Bowl feel to really come to life and draw viewers in during the big weekend. 
 This post was for a bagel shop located near the Naval Academy. I wanted to tie in the local happenings (graduation) in a fun way to the bagel shop. 
 Valentine's day posts on social media typically contain all things pink, red, and hearts in every corner. I wanted to specialize this post for the client's industry. The bagel with the cut out heart said nothing BUT Valentine's Day to me, so I wanted to create a unique post for the holiday that wasn't what other industries typically post. 
 Talk about making social media fun- I loved making this brady bunch themed post with bagels! I wanted to create a social media post that I personally would like seeing, and with such a love of pop culture in society today, I knew people would enjoy this fun spin on a classic. 
 This post is really about placement of the type and conveying the quote. I wanted the visual to match the text. This image was very clean and with the focal point being the tree, it was the person image to create this type-heavy post on. 
Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 12.34.48 PM.png
 This is a cover photo created for a sportswear store. I wanted the photo to contain the equipment from the sports that the store sells gear for. I also wanted one jersey to stick out from the rest in the sense that this store is #1 for sports gear!
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