I started my career in graphic design and marketing at just 14 years old, working on a promotional marketing street team for singer Tiffany Giardina. Being such an integral part of a team at a young age helped me see the necessary skills needed to work professionally early on. I graduated from Kent Island High School in 2012 and began my college career at Anne Arundel Community College, finishing there in 2015. In 2015, I began studying graphic design with a minor in marketing at Towson University in Towson, MD. I graduated in May 2017 and have been pursuing marketing full-time. I love working with brands who are focused on travel, supporting the restoration and conservation of our environment, health-conscious companies and companies who are women-based. 

As a student, I completed full-time course loads while working several jobs at a time. This gave me the ability to learn time management and multi task. I completed an internship at Color Fire, an online marketing company in Annapolis, MD during my last semester at Anne Arundel Community College. Working for Color Fire, I was able to use my skills of design and work on several marketing campaigns, mainly social media marketing. I learned how to work in a fast-paced environment under time constraints. I've also run social media campaigns for several companies and public figures, and the professional experience I've gained at a young age has helped me to accept constructive criticism, work hard, and work gracefully under pressure. 

Since I began college, I've completed seven internships and had several other great learning experiences in the marketing and design fields. I love learning and always want to take on new projects and skills to grow professionally.